Thanksgiving Recipe Cards


Free Thanksgiving Recipe Cards

Thanksgiving is synonymous with great food and homemade recipes. Jotting down and passing down these recipes is a timeless tradition. This tradition can be made easier with the Thanksgiving recipe cards template from Microsoft.

With the Thanksgiving recipe cards template, you can keep both a physical and digital copy of your famous recipes that will stand the test of time. The Microsoft template will save you money for your feast because you can download the Thanksgiving recipe cards instantly at no charge on this page. Simply click the link available on this page to get started today!

Filling Out the Microsoft Thanksgiving Recipe Cards

The Thanksgiving recipe cards template is a bright and colorful Microsoft Word document. After downloading the template from this page, save a copy to your computer. If you happen to forget to save it don’t worry. You can download and print as many copies of the Thanksgiving recipe cards directly from this page as you need.

The Thanksgiving recipe cards include a bold, rich text and lavish clip art that captures the spirit of the season. However, every aspect of the cards can be tweaked or changed so that they can better suit your needs. You can alter the text or artwork with just a few simple clicks of your mouse!

When it comes to filling you the Thanksgiving recipe cards template, you will notice that there are three individual cards on each sheet. The first step in using the card is to add the “Recipe Name”. You can do so by deleting the [Recipe Name] and adding your own title.

Next, add all the wonderful ingredients it takes to make your Thanksgiving masterpiece. Finally, add all of the preparation and cooking instructions that are necessary to make the dish at hit.

Pass along your Thanksgiving recipes for generations to come with Thanksgiving recipe cards from Microsoft. Download the Thanksgiving recipe cards template absolutely free at today!

Download: Thanksgiving Recipe Cards