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Template Haven is a popular destination for templates of all kinds. We provide templates for the majority of Microsoft Office products including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Visio, Outlook, Publisher and more. Explore our wide variety of articles including templates to help you balance your budget and manage your finances. We have a large assortment of calendars for multiple uses as well as every kind of template imaginable for businesses. You won’t be disappointed when you take a look at our catalog!

Educational Templates


Back To School Report

A challenge every teacher faces at the beginning of each school year is finding out how to get to know ...
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School Schedule Template

Many of us have had that moment where we can’t remember what time a school class starts or ends. Either ...
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2015-16 School Calendar

2015-16 School Calendar

Every school year requires foresight and careful planning. You need to know which day to start lessons and which days ...
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Invitations for Summer

  • Save the Date Email Template

    Free Save the Date Email Template
    You can invite family, friends and co-workers to your next big event with the new save the date email template from Microsoft. The save the …
  • Halloween Party Template

    Free Halloween Party Template
    Halloween is one of the most enjoyable times of the year for both kids and adults alike. Halloween gives people the opportunity to showcase their …
  • Avery Invitation Template

    Free Avery Invitation Template
    Have you ever used the Avery Invitation Template to create the perfect invitation for your event? Just as anything else that has Avery in the …
  • Holiday Party Invitation Templates

    Holiday Party Invitation Templates
    For anyone who has ever planned a holiday party, one of the most maddening steps can be the invitations. Trying to find the perfect invitation …
  • Company Holiday Party Invitations

    Free Company Holiday Party Invitations
    One of the most important things a business can do is celebrate with those that make their endeavors successful, and company holiday party invitations can …
  • Corporate Holiday Party Invitations

    Free Corporate Holiday Party Invitations
    The holiday season will be here before you know it and you know what that means? Corporate holiday parties and all the preparation that goes …

Beginner Excel Tutorials

  • Proper Case Formulas

    Proper Case Formulas
    Learn proper case formulas including the lower case formula and the upper case function. Fix imported or poorly organized data in Excel to make it …
  • Len Formula

    Len Formula
    Learn how to use the Excel Len formula in your spreadsheet. The Len function will retrieve how many characters are in a cell or range …
  • Autocorrect in Excel

    Learn how to autocorrect in Excel. You can set up how you want Excel to read what you type and adjust it according to your …
  • Left Formula in Excel

    Left Formula in Excel
    Learn the left formula in Excel. The left function for Excel takes characters from another cell starting with the left side character. This function can …
  • Change Numbers to Dollars

    Change Numbers to Dollars
    Learn how to change numbers to dollars in Excel using a simple formula. When you import number data, or quickly type in number entries, you …
  • Exact Match Function

    Exact Match Function
    Learn to use the exact match function in Excel spreadsheets to find if two entries are exactly the same or not. This formula is easy …

Intermediate Excel Tutorials

  • Change Inches to Feet in an Excel Template

    Change Inches to Feet in an Excel Template
    Learn how to change inches to feet in an Excel Template. Converting the number of inches in Excel to feet is an easy automated process …
  • Color Rows in Excel

    Color Rows in Excel
    Learn to quickly and easily color rows in Excel. If you are working with an Excel sheet with many rows of data that span across …
  • Excel Right Function

    Excel Right Function
    Learn how to use the Excel Right Function in your spreadsheets to get a portion of a piece of text starting from the last letter. …
  • Get Sum in Excel

    Get Sum in Excel
    Learn how to get sum in Excel spreadsheets from a group of numbers using simple formulas. When working with named ranges in Excel, you’ll be …
  • Calculate Days Left in the Year in Excel

    Calculate Days Left in the Year in Excel
    Learn how to calculate days left in the year in Excel spreadsheets to create your own countdown. Excel has stackable formulas you can use to …
  • Count Cells with Text in Excel

    Count Cells with Text in Excel
    Follow our guide and learn how to count cells with text in Excel spreadsheets. Excel has a formula that you can enter that will search …

Advanced Excel Tutorials

  • Splitting Names in Excel

    Splitting Names in Excel
    Learn the process for splitting names in Excel spreadsheets. When importing information into Excel, name data usually ends up all in one column, making it …
  • Remove Initial in Name in Excel

    Remove Initial in Name in Excel
    Follow our guide to learn how to remove initial in name in Excel. Initials and middle names in Excel documents can hinder other formulas that …
  • Drop Down Menus in Excel

    In Excel, you have the ability to add drop down menus to any cell, row, or column. With these menus, you are able to access multiple data …
  • Using a Password in Excel

    Excel password protection
    Using a password in Excel to protect your documents is good for any sensitive information you are recording. Password protection in Excel is done differently for …
  • Excel Macros

    Excel Macros
    In Excel, Macros allow a user to automate tasks. In this tutorial, you will see how to combine values from two columns into a new …
  • Using VLOOKUP in Excel

    Using VLOOKUP in Excel
    Excel’s VLOOKUP function allows a user to search through the first column in a certain cell range and return the data from a cell in the …

Calendar Templates

  • School Schedule Template

    Many of us have had that moment where we can’t remember what time a school class starts or ends. Either we accidentally show up an …
  • Weekly Group Project Template

    Weekly Group Project Template
    Most school clubs don’t just settle for a weekly meeting. Many have a group of leaders (Club President, Vice President, etc) that research and organize …
  • Class Schedule Template

    You know the little scrap of paper Admissions gives you before the start of the semester? Yeah, that’s not going to make it through the …

Project Management Templates

Milestone Project Timeline

Milestone Project Timeline Template

You’ve got a big work project on your desk, and a team of people involved in it – where do ...
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Free Microsoft Project Gantt Chart

Microsoft Project Gantt Chart

The Microsoft project Gantt chart is designed to help you easily monitor your projects by specific activities through the Gantt ...
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Project Budget Management Template Free

Project Budget Management Template

Microsoft's Project Budget Management Template is an easy-to-use template that can help plan any project step-by-step and dollar-by-dollar. Using the ...
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Project Team Communication Plan Free

Project Team Communication Plan

Putting together a team to complete a project is often an important goal for many managers out there. They want ...
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Screenshot of the Project Planning Calendar

Project Planning Calendar

Are your projects out of control and hard to manage? Large projects take a lot of planning, otherwise you may ...
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Screenshot of the Project Proposal Template

Project Proposal Template

Every organization’s success is dependent upon its growth. There are many qualified people in an organization who know exactly where ...
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Business Templates

  • Travel Itinerary Template

    Travel Itinerary Template for Word
    Traveling can be very stimulating and enjoyable. Whether it’s for vacation or work, there are always new things to be seen and new people to meet. …
  • Business Meeting Agenda

    Business Meeting Agenda
    Business Meeting Agenda Template Nothing slows down a day’s work than a business meeting that lasts too long because it gets off topic. While open-ended …
  • Simple Invoice Template

    Free Simple Invoice Template
    Looking for an easier way to do your invoicing? Try the simple invoice template from Microsoft. The simple invoice template is available as a complimentary …
  • Inventory Control Sheets

    Free Inventory Control Sheets
    Looking for better way to keep track of your inventory? With the Microsoft inventory control sheets, keeping accurate records of your inventory is easier than …
  • Employee Vacation Calendar Template

    Free Employee Vacation Calendar Excel Template
    The employee vacation calendar template allows managers to store vacation information for everyone in their office. With a simple and easy-to-understand interface, it can be …
  • Timesheet Calculator

    Free Timesheet Calculator
    The payroll department has one of the most important responsibilities in any business or company. Ensuring employees are correctly compensated for their efforts helps keep …

Budget Templates

  • Travel Budget Template

    Travel Budget Template
    It is a necessity for businesses to keep track of expenses related to travel and business trips. This is done for tax reasons and to …
  • Project Budgeting Template

    Microsoft project budgeting template
    Project budgeting is one of the pivotal area that needs to be addressed periodically in any company. Many tools have been created and identified to …
  • Expense Report Template

    Expense Report Template
    Business trip expenses can be messy. Receipts, taxis, unexpected costs, and more are difficult to keep track of for both accounting departments and the persons …
  • Profit and Loss Template

    This easy one page business Excel template is perfect for tracking profits and losses over the course of a year. The easily customizable format works …
  • Expense Trends Budget Template

    Microsoft Expense Trends Budget Template
    As your business continues to grow, you will have to spend far more money than you had to in the past. This is because you …
  • Home Renovation Budget Template

    Home Renovation Budget Template Free
    Renovating a home is a stressful process. Unpredictable cost is the major reason. Whether it is a busted pipe being replaced or ordering wood floor, …

Schedule Templates

  • Business Meeting Agenda

    Business Meeting Agenda
    Business Meeting Agenda Template Nothing slows down a day’s work than a business meeting that lasts too long because it gets off topic. While open-ended …
  • 5-Day Trip Planner Template

    Nothing can compare to the perfect vacation. Refreshing your thoughts and your soul in a different, positive location is something everyone needs to do. It …
  • Weekly Group Project Template

    Weekly Group Project Template
    Most school clubs don’t just settle for a weekly meeting. Many have a group of leaders (Club President, Vice President, etc) that research and organize …