Thank You Card Template


Screenshot of the Thank You Card Template

A Thank You Card can be sent to for many different reasons. Instead of buying another every time you need to send one, use our Thank You Card Template available for download here. This easy to use Microsoft Word document is simple to customize and prints onto a normal sheet of paper to fold, sign and send off to the party you wish to thank.

How to Use the Thank You Card Template

This Thank You Card Template features pink orchids on the front with a green border. There is text that simply states thank you. The inside of the card has a picture of a single pink orchard next to the greeting. Change the name David to the name of the person you are making the card out to.

The body of the card can be customized however you like to fit the circumstances in which you are sending the card. Simply delete the text provided and type in your own if you wish. At the bottom, after with love, you can type your name if you wish. Don’t forget to sign it below that after you have printed it out.

When you have put all the information in the card simply print it out on a normal sheet of paper. Fold the paper in half, from top to bottom, then again from left to right. Now the picture that had appeared to be upside-down on the computer is now oriented the correct way.

Tips for Using the Thank You Card Template

If you plan to send out multiple thank you cards to many individuals, it is a good idea to customize the card first and save it. Then, all you have to change is the name of the recipient. You can also add individualized messages quickly and easily. You can also change the text on the front and in the middle to fit many different occasions such as an invitation, a greeting, or even a birthday card. The options are limitless.

You can save yourself time and money by using this Thank You Card Template and printing them out yourself instead of buying cards from the store. Download this easy to customize template here and use it any way you wish.

Download: Thank You Card Template