Retirement Savings Calculator


Screenshot of the Retirement Savings Calculator.

Planning your retirement is a priority for those looking to find financial stability in their lives. Like saving up money for a new car or house, saving up for retirement is a great idea for those who want to put their money to good use long after retiring from their occupation. Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out how much you can be able to save year after year. That is why our retirement savings calculator is the right tool to use.

With the retirement calculator, you will figure out how much you need to save at a certain percentage in order to meet your financial goal. The retirement calculator can help you stay on track and will help you with how much you need to save, especially in the event of changes of interest rates. The retirement savings calculator can automatically adjust the data if you change interest rates, or have any increases in your annual return rate or annual payments.

How to Use the Retirement Savings Calculator

First, you can download the retirement savings calculator on our website. You can save this template and always customize using Microsoft Excel. With the pre-made layout, the calculator is easy for you to use and readily available once it is downloaded. No need to start from scratch.

Tips on How to Use the Retirement Savings Calculator

Your retirement may be long off, but it never hurts to start making projections. Start by entering your current age and enter the age you wish to retire at.

Next, enter the amount you have currently saved up and what you pay annually. Next, enter a rate of your expected annual returns. As an example, if you enter $2,000 for annual payments, the calculator can give you estimated figures for each year.

As always, back up any files or templates needed. Print out a hard copy of the spreadsheet that is part of the retirement calculator. It is important to save a hard copy or two as some changes to your retirement plan may occur.

If you have a new computer and unable to save the data from your last update, the retirement calculator is always available for download.

Like many important things in life, planning your retirement is one of those priorities. Whether it is for yourself or a joint retirement account for you and your spouse, the retirement calculator is a great way to get started on planning your future.

Download: Retirement Savings Calculator