Printable Chore Chart


Screenshot of the Printable Chore Chart

Chores are a big issue in just about every family. Usually the difficulties with chores arise from the fact that kids just do not always know what is expected of them. Parents also have a hard time knowing a fair way to divide up the chores for everyone in the house. One of the easiest ways to relieve this stress is to be able to visualize what needs to be done when. Our printable chore chart makes this easy.

Why a Printable Chore Chart Can Help Older Kids

Older children do want to help and pitch in. There is a certain sense of confidence and accomplishment that comes with finishing an assigned task. A printable chore chart can not only help an older child see exactly what is expected of him, but it can also help the child see exactly what he has accomplished. The template is available for free on this page. This template is customizable in Excel and this template is easy to use and downloadable right here. Here are a few tips to help make this chart an effective tool in your home.

Printing is Important – It is important to print the printable chore chart in color with good ink quality. This will ensure that the chart is eye catching to your child. Good quality printing also ensures that your child can clearly read exactly what task is being asked of them.

Assign Tasks Fairly – This printable chore chart is blank in the tasks fields so that you can assign the tasks you think will be most appropriate for your child. When considering which tasks to assign, keep in mind your child’s age and development. Assigning tasks that are too difficult for your child will quickly discourage them. However, assigning tasks that are not difficult enough will encourage a sense of laziness in your child. You want your child to help on an appropriate level.

Check Chore Chart Daily – You should check your child’s chart daily to make sure they are staying on task. Use a sticker or other way of marking the printable chore chart each day so that your child can visually see their accomplishments on a daily basis.

Plan a Reward for Success – Plan to reward your child in some way when they have successfully completed all of their tasks for a given week. Some reward ideas might be a movie night, or allowing your child their favorite after dinner treat.

Download: Printable Chore Chart