Performance Review Checklist


Free Performance Review Checklist

Coaching employees on their performance is one of the most important things a company can do to better streamline their workflow. By evaluating employee performance, a picture is able to be painted of how well that said employees is operating with the bounds of company policy and procedures. This allows for you to work with that employee in specified areas and eventually fully develop their performance level.

Better employee performance leads to an increase in customers and profit margins. Evaluations also allows for employee feedback so that you as a leader know how effectively you are managing your team. Having an employee performance review checklist on hand helps to foster a uniform set of expectations for all employees, therefore you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for; and the employee will know what is expected of them each time they are up for a review.

How to Use the Employee Performance Review Checklist

  • First, download the easy-to-use template for free on this page.
  • Start by customizing the checklist to match your company’s specifications. Add your logo or just simply enter the company name in the space provided. Do whatever works best for you however, customizing it makes it your own.
  • Enter all information pertinent to a particular employee into the corresponding fields under the Employee Information section on the performance review checklist.
  • Address each point on the performance review checklist with the employee. Trace your finger across to the right and check a box corresponding to the score you would like give for the category on the left.
  • In the additional comments section, write whatever else you feel the employee needs to know or any other related information.

Tips for Using the Employee Performance Review Checklist

  • Before the meeting, review the entire performance review checklist and address whether or not you will change or alter any of the categories. Make any required changes before the review.
  • Go over the review guidelines beforehand so you understand how the scoring system works.
  • Have a good idea of what score you will give the employee for each category and plan for a follow up explanation.
  • Be flexible. Allow for the employee to properly explain themselves and score appropriately to their response.
  • Create sample questions or scenarios and have the employee respond to them. Use this to gauge them in areas you might not have immediate knowledge of.

Download: Performance Review Checklist