Marriage Ceremony Template


Weddings are special events in anyone’s life. Once you get over the excitement of setting a date, though, there is some serious planning to do. Some people believe that the only way for a wedding to be really special is if everything is really complicated and expensive. This simply is not true. Our Marriage Ceremony Template can be a beautiful and inexpensive way to get your wedding programs organized and printed.

You do not have to spend big bucks at a fancy print shop to make sure that your printed wedding items are beautiful and efficient. You can create equally lovely wedding stationary at home using our template.

Why Use Our Marriage Ceremony Template

Many couples find that the list of wedding duties just grows and grows as the wedding approaches. Not only does the to-do list grow but the expense list seems to grow just as fast. If you are finding that the wedding plans are getting overwhelming and the prices are just too much, try our printable Marriage Ceremony Template to create your own, unique wedding ceremony programs.

The template is available for free on this page. This template is customizable in Excel. Why wait for an expensive print shop to print up your programs for an outrageous price when this template is easy to use and available to download right here.

Creating Marriage Ceremony Programs

A wedding ceremony program is a lovely addition to your wedding. A wedding program keeps all of your guests aware of what is happening and when. The added bonus is that at the end of your event everyone has a lovely, little keepsake they can tuck in a scrap book to remind them of your special day.

Our wedding ceremony template is printed in a sweet floral design. There is plenty of room for your wedding ceremony information such as: minister, musicians, bride’s maids, groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer and others that are participating in your ceremony. Many couples like to also include a thank you note to all of their guests for being a part of their special day.

On the back, the marriage ceremony template has room for you to print your new address so that all of your friends and family will be up to date on any address changes. Use our marriage ceremony template as a way to make proper acknowledgements to all of the important people that worked so hard to make your beautiful wedding happen.

Download: Marriage Ceremony Template