How to Create Rotating 3D Object as GIF in Photoshop

How to Create Rotating 3D Object as GIF in Photoshop

How to Create Rotating 3D Object as GIF in Photoshop

This tutorial will specifically be teaching on how to create a constant looping GIF file for 3D Object. IF you want to learn how to create a 3d object, please go to our other “how to” page if you need to learn how to create a 3D object in Photoshop, to begin with.

Start by opening your 3D object file if it’s not created before this step.

Go to Window > Animation, this will open the Animation (Timeline) window at the bottom.

Click on the drop down for 3D timeline.

Click on the stop watch icon on the 3D Object Position.

This will open the timeline marker which looks like a yellow diamond. This is the key frame marker.

Now move the Current Time Indicator marker to your desired time. I have taken the marker to 1 sec.

In this example, we are trying to get an endless rotation, & this will be our half-way mark. So we will rotate the object 180° horizontally. In order to achieve a perfect horizontal rotation, go ahead and select the Object Rotate Tool.

Object Rotate Tool

Press Shift (to constrain rotation to a single direction) & move your mouse to the left (outside the object area). You will notice that the keyframe marker is automatically added.

Now select another time which will denote the end of the rotation i.e. 360° rotation. I’ve selected at 2 secs mark.

How to Create Rotating 3D Object as GIF in Photoshop

Now go to the end of the work area & drag the work Area End bar to your end time. In this case it’s at 2 secs. By doing this, it will limit the animation from going beyond 2 secs (or end of your animation).

Now take your Current Time Indicator Marker to the beginning & hit play. You’ll notice your object is rotating according to the set path.

You can press stop after previewing.

Now to export as GIF image, go to File > Save for Web & Devices…

Save for Web & Devices

This will open the Save For Wen & Devices window. It might take some time to process the image depending on your file size & your computer hardware specs.

Make sure the file save type is GIF & Looping options is set to Forever to make it rotate continuously.

Forever to make it rotate continuously

Click on Save. Here specify the File name and hit Save again.

Your GIF image is ready to play in a browser or a suitable application!

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