How to Create 3D Objects in Photoshop

How to Create 3D Objects in Photoshop

How to Create 3D Objects in Photoshop

For this tutorial, you’ll need Adobe CS5 Extended & above.

Create a new file. I’ve created one with 1200 x 700 pixels.

Add a new Layer. Go to the paint bucket tool and fill with white. Then add a Gradient Overlay either by right-clicking on the fx button or double-clicking on the new Layer which will open the Layer Style window. Go to the Gradient Overlay settings option. In my case, I have changed the gradient color, checked the Reverse option, change the Angle to -177° & style to Radial.

Add a new Layer

Create Text. Click on the Type tool & type your word/phrase. Arrange the size of the word.

Arrange the size of the word

Now convert this into a 3D object. Go to 3D > Repousse > Text Layer.

3D object

Click Ok on this text layer because it must be rasterized… a dialog box will appear.

be rasterized

This will open Repousse window.

Repousse window

Let’s turn on the 3D Axis, 3D Ground Plane, 3D Light & 3D Selection by clicking on Show All.

3D Light & 3D Selection

Now we’ll go back to the Extrude box, change the Depth: .5, Height: 8, Width: 6, Mesh Quality: Best.

Click Ok

Go to the layers and click on 3D under the 3D layer (your naming would be different depending on what you specified).

Click Ok

This will open a new tab containing the object rasterize text made earlier.

This will open a new tab containing the object rasterize text made earlier.

Change the foreground & background colors (if you like) and double click on the Layer to open Layer Style & click on Gradient Overlay. Change the settings as you like. I have checked Reverse & changed the Angle to 79°.

checked Reverse

Click Ok & Save it with Ctrl + S. Close the file.

Go back to the original file. There’s one more thing we would like to change with the text. Click on the 3D Extrusion Material – … & click on it.

3D Extrusion

This will open in a new tab.

This will be blank right now. Go ahead and fill in with the foreground color either by going to clicking on the Paint Bucket tool or by pressing Alt + Backspace.

Bucket tool

Now go ahead and add Gradient Overlay by double clicking on the layer and open the Layer Style window.

Click on the Gradient bar & open the Gradient Editor. Click on the lighter color and set it to the foreground color (you can set your own color of choice). Click on Ok & hit Ok again.

Save the new tab by pressing Ctrl + S and close the tab.

Now we can start casting shadows. Select the 3D Object Rotate Tool.

And rotate the 3D object by clicking on the green line and dragging upwards.

dragging upwards

The final image will look like this.

How to Create 3D Objects in Photoshop

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