Four Week Project Timeline Template

Four Week Project Timeline Template

Four Week Timeline

Most people dread group projects because they’re generally disorganized and one person ends up doing more work than the others. With the four week project timeline template, you can easily organize and assign tasks to individuals and keep it updated throughout the month to hold everyone accountable.

How to use the Four Week Project Timeline Template

Download the template and open it up in Excel. You’ll see that it has been pre-populated with dates, names, and parts of the project. Begin by updating the dates to match the weeks you’ll be working on the project. If your project is less than four weeks, you can simply leave the unneeded columns blank.

Next, on the left side column, change the names to the people who are working on the project. Remember to include people who play even a small part such as signing approvals or editing copy. From here, you’ll match the column name with their part of the assignment. Highlight horizontally underneath the dates the person will work on their portion of the project, and include what they’ll be doing. Do this for each person and their task(s) to create a timeline that shows each step of the project.

Finally, keep the right side column updated on the status of the person’s task. You can use the terminology provided, or be more specific such as using word counts, percentages, and fractions to keep track of progress.

Tips on using the Four Week Project Timeline Template

  • Print out updated copies of the timeline each time you and your team meet to avoid anyone missing out on new information.
  • In addition to tasks, you can add conference/meeting times, review dates, and other information that can help the group stay on track.
  • Designate a recurring date and time to email/chat/conference about progress. For example, every Thursday at 4pm, have each group member share where they are at on their task. If someone is not keeping up with their task, the other group members will know this and be able to help if needed.

Click the download link below to get your free project timeline template and keep your next group task perfectly organized. Provided courtesy of Microsoft.

Download: Four Week Project Timeline Template