Class Roster Template


Free Class Roster Template

It is the general feeling that summer shortens with each passing year. For those educators among us, it feels as if you just filled in last session’s class roster when you find you must begin the process again. To ease this data entry burden, the use of a class roster template can help.

How to Use Class Roster Template

  • First, adjust the class roster template with the details of the course being taught. These details will include who is teaching the course and the start and end date of the course. Repeat for each course taught.
  • Second, start adding the details of each student into the student list section. Excel will calculate everything else from student list. Save the file as you enter each student to protect against computer crashes.
  • Third, select each student from the drop down list on the class roster to assemble your roster and determine the number of students enrolled again save as each student is selected to protect against loss of data due to computer failures.

Tips for Using the Class Roster Template

  • First, immediately after assembling the class roster, print out the class roster for classroom and field trip use.
  • Second, this template has room for contact information including email addresses. Use the template to create an email group for mass emails for a wide variety of uses. Among these uses are reminders for assignments due and field trip notifications.
  • Third, the student list remains from term to term. In higher educational settings, this particular feature is important. An educator might have a student one term, not have him for a term, and then have him in class again. Having this standard student list can help make life easier by allowing instructors to add and subtract students as necessary.

Each term comes more swiftly these days. Teachers have to complete the potentially tedious assembly their class rosters just as swiftly. The use of the free, downloadable class roster template can help teachers and other educators to assemble their rosters as quickly as the terms come and go.

Download: Class Roster Template