Yearly Calendar Template


You’re busy and your year is filling up fast with various sales calls, meetings and projects. Keeping track using post-it notes isn’t helping anymore and is only filling up your screen. To stay organized, on time, and able to plan for the future you need a yearly calendar. In this economy, it can be hard to find money for a good business calendar, and that’s why we present to you our Yearly Calendar Template as the answer to all of your yearly planning needs.

How to Use our Yearly Calendar Template

Our Yearly Calendar Template is free, simple to use, customizable in Excel and available to download here.

  • On the upper left hand corner of the Yearly Calendar Template, enter the year in the designated area.
  • Notice the horizontal line above lists the months of the year and the vertical line to your left lists the days of the month, going all the way up to the thirty-first day. That means that each month of the year has its own vertical section corresponding to the month and day.
  • Simply input your appointments into the corresponding day and month.
  • To view all your appointments for a certain day, merely double click on that particular day and all your appointments will become visible.

Tips for Using our Yearly Calendar Template

  • When you make an appointment, enter it as soon as possible into the yearly calendar.
  • Daily check your yearly calendar to make adjustments and corrections where necessary and to ensure you are on time with all of your appointments.
  • Make it easy to find, don’t bury it somewhere deep in your hard drive where you have to use the search feature to find it. For that, make sure your computer files are organized appropriately.
  • Follow what you plan. A yearly calendar is a plan and is useless if you don’t have the discipline to stick to it.

To succeed in business, you have to be able to organize and plan your time wisely. Many times you have to plan out your entire year, as best as possible and with the option of being able to easily alter your plans as situations arise. Our Yearly Calendar Template accomplishes all this for you.

Download: Yearly Calendar Template