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Free Writer Resume Template

As a writer, you work hard on your stories, your contracts and your reputation. So when it comes to sending out a resume, it should be something that reflects your talent and your capabilities. In that sense, you can look at the Writer Resume Template for Microsoft Word as a solid starting point for your work history. It is downloadable for free from this page and it is easily customized to allow you to work with different content and different styles. Another nice thing about the Writer Resume Template is that editors will find it useful to use for their own job searches as well.

How to Use the Writer Resume Template Word Document

  • Open the writer resume template and customize your name and contact details. When you add your contact details, consider adding your Facebook or your Linked In information so that the hiring manager can get a better picture of who you are.
  • In your experience summary, feel free to add links to any publications that you have written that are currently available online.
  • Fill in your professional work history information. If you have a series of freelance assignments that do not correspond to a lengthy time period in your overall experience, you might consider lumping them together underneath a freelance title that spans the time period that covers the bulk of the work.

Tips for Using the Writer Resume Template Word Document

  • You might consider adding a link to your own website if you have one that contains samples of your work.
  • When you talk about your computer skills or your computer experience, it can sometimes be better to use software and hardware packages that are specific to your work, creating a list and then sorting that list for each job that you apply for by ranking the most relevant packages and then putting only those on your resume for that employer. If they happen to look at that section and see that every package that you list is relevant, it might impress them more than you might expect.
  • When you add your website link, you might also consider adding it in qr code. Or codes are like a bar code that resolves to a website or other information when it is read. It can be read by smartphones and tablets, so if your resume is on paper in front of the hiring manager and they want to view your website, they just need to take a picture and it will take them to that website.

Download: Writer Resume Template