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As Summer turns into Fall, it becomes the perfect time to start thinking about creating a wine label for the grapes that you have been growing, picking and vinifying. There are a lot of different steps in the wine-making process, but one of the steps that traditionally takes the longest at first is the creation of the wine label. This is largely because everyone wants a unique, distinct and well-designed label. With the Wine Label Template for Microsoft Word, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. You can merely add your information and get ready to print away on one of the most professional templates around.

The Wine Label Template for Microsoft Word is available to download for free from this page. It can be easily customized and awaits your download and first use. The wine label template can be used with Avery 5165, 5265, 6575, 8165, 8465, and 8665.

How to Use the Wine Label Template Word Document

  • Open the wine label template and enter text for your label name and the varietal name and the year. You can also add a list of ingredients if you like.
  • If you have a logo or a picture you can import it by choosing import picture and adding a correctly sized image to the label near the text.
  • Choose the size of paper that you would like to print or choose one of the Avery sizes above. You can specify that the label sheet prints larger than letter size or print smaller individual labels if you need to depending upon the size of the label paper selected. Use the print preview option in Word to help make each set you print perfect.

Tips for Using the Wine Label Template Word Document

  • If you want to replace the background image, then right-click the label, selecting Text Box from the format menu. Under Colors and Lines, go to Fill > Color. In the dropdown menu, select Fill Effects and choose the effects that you would like.
  • You can also use this template for your canning needs or for your jam or jelly-making.

Download: Wine Label Template

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