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The success of any business depends not only on sales but on data collected. This is especially true in the wine industry where grapes must be prepared and aged for a certain length of time. One way leaders of this industry have handled this task is with the Wine Inventory data sheets. People involved in this business may require records from the time vines are planted in the fields, while others collect previously bottled wine for sale. This article will address the winery that grows its own grapes and makes wine for sale.

Why Reliable Records are Required

Currently it is possible to obtain the Wine Inventory template for the documents required and run as many copies as needed. The wine inventory template is designed for specific requirements and allow costs to be assigned to the proper areas.

For example, a grower/producer must keep records covering the following:

  • Cost of field purchase and operations
  • Crush/fermentation equipment and costs
  • Division of lower and high end wines allocation
  • Aging/storage (high end brandy can take as long as three years)
  • General and administrative costs
  • Sales of by-products
  • Labor costs
  • Cost accounting

Why a  Wine Inventory Template is an Excellent Way to Record Data

  • You choose the type of information you want on a sheet
  • A designer will complete a Wine Inventory Template to fit your needs
  • Wine Inventory Templates are free online
  • They are easy to download and can be copied on your printer

Tips for Designing the Wine Inventory Template

  • Make a template for each stage of the operation
  • Be sure it contains information needed for good production
  • Comply with the Uniform Capitalization rules (UNICAP) for cost accounting
  • Make it easy to fill in required information

Making wine can be a complicated business, which involves many areas. This includes deliver of grapes from the fields to the final aging of the wine. With the help of Wine Inventory Templates, record keeping is simplified whether making large or small quantities of the product. This makes it simple to prepare proper Income Tax Forms at the end of the year.

Download: Wine Inventory