Wine Cellar Inventory


Free Wine Cellar Inventory

Keeping a personal inventory can be a valuable tool in the event of a disaster or robbery. No one likes to think of worst case scenarios but maintaining a relatively up to date personal inventory can save a lot of problems down the road. This applies to the wine cellar, as well. The contents of the wine cellar would be covered in a homeowner’s policy, but documentation would be important. A detailed wine cellar inventory is a good way to protect your wine investments.

For the serious Oenophile, protecting investments is only the beginning. Wine lovers can be scrupulous about comparing varietals, wine producing regions, and even vintages. They research carefully and keep detailed wine notes. A customizable template for managing inventory allows the collector to track and record the information most important to them.

Beverage inventory tracking is also a key management tool for fine dining food establishments that are serious about their wine service. Inventory controls and management are necessary concerns in the food industry, but doubly so when the wine investment represents hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How to Use the Wine Cellar Inventory Template

  • Download the easy-to-use template. The interface is intuitive and simple to understand.
  • Set up the template with correct Customized company and/or personal information
  • Add fields for custom data if desired.
  • Complete the wine cellar inventory, recording desired information in the appropriate fields.
  • Maintain inventory regularly by recording usage or sales and purchases.

Tips for Maintaining Wine Cellar Inventory

To keep the wine cellar inventory current, maintain it regularly. Preferably, bottles coming or going should be recorded at the time they are added to the collection or removed to be sold or consumed. An easy to use inventory control template will make recording simple. Set a regular process to check inventory regularly.

The wine cellar inventory can be as detailed or basic as required, don’t get weighed down in more information than needed as the user. Perhaps all that is needed is a running list of bottles in the cellar. Many wine lovers, however, keep notes on variety of grape, region, flavor profile and more.

Download: Wine Cellar Inventory