Weekly Employee Schedule Template


Weekly Employee Schedule Template screenshot.

Every employer can use a weekly employee schedule template. It is important to keep track of the hours of individual employees and the work force as a whole. This will help you keep a record of past work weeks and make sure that payment is correct and workers are showing up at the correct scheduled times.

How to Use the Weekly Employee Schedule Template

The free weekly employee schedule template available for download on this page is very easy to use. The first step is to enter your company’s name into the space provided. Below that you can add the address of the business. Next, you can enter the manager’s name and an employee’s name. To the right of those fields are the dates of the work week you are going to create the schedule for.

When you enter the week starting date, which should be a Sunday, the week ending field and the days through the week fill themselves in. The last step is to add the times to the schedule itself.

Tips on Using the Weekly Employee Schedule Template

There are many things you can do to utilize the weekly employee schedule template. If your company’s work week starts on a day other than Sunday, you can easily edit the days of the week to reflect this. After you have filled out the company name and address, save the template over the original so you will never have to enter this information again.

After you have filled out the manager and employees name you can save another copy with the name of the employee as the name of the document. This will give you a template for each individual employee. After you have filled the date and the schedule itself in the document, you can then save another copy with the employee’s name and the date as the document’s name. This will give you a record of the schedule for future reference. Print out this final version and you have the work schedule to be signed by the manager and employee.

With a weekly employee schedule template, you can keep a record of the hours each employee was supposed to work on file and print out time sheets for each employee to take with them. This free and easy to use template is available for download here to use as you wish.

Download: Weekly Employee Schedule Template