Weekly Chore Checklist


Free Weekly Chore Checklist

People are getting busier than ever. In between careers, school, family, etc., it can be pretty difficult and hectic to keep everything in order. A weekly chore checklist is a fantastic way to keep all of your chores out in the open so that the family never forgets what needs to be done.

A weekly chore checklist needs to be able to suit everyone’s needs. The customizable nature of this template makes it useful for everyone in the family. It isn’t some generic checklist that can be purchased any store, this is fully customizable and tailored to the individual. The ease of use also makes it a viable option for younger members of the family. This template is available for free download on this page!

How to Use the Weekly Chore Checklist

  • First, write down all of the different tasks that need to be done during the week. It can also be organized based on different criteria such as overall importance, alphabetical order, the performer of the task, etc.
  • Keep the weekly chore checklist in an easily accessible place, preferably one that gets a lot of foot traffic. Keeping it in plain sight removes all excuses for not remembering to do the chores.
  • When a task is finished, the performer of said task needs to check the task off of the checklist. This helps keep the list organized and clean. Plus, it feels good to cross a chore off the checklist.
  • Keeping to the weekly chore checklist is extremely important. Getting the entire family to participate could be a chore in and of itself. A good way to make it effective is to make it fun for the family. Make a game out of it, see who can cross off the most tasks, etc. Make the checklist into a fun activity can increase its effectiveness immensely.

Every family has a multitude of tasks that need to be done on a regular basis. A weekly chore checklist is a surefire way to keep the family up to date on current tasks and make sure that they get finished in a timely matter.

Download: Weekly Chore Checklist