Wedding Reception Seating Chart


Free Wedding Reception Seating Chart

Wedding planning can be a truly stressful time in a couple’s life. One of the most challenging aspects of planning a wedding is, without a doubt, the seating chart. There are always certain people who cannot sit together, others who need to be close to bathrooms, and so on. This wedding reception seating chart is an ideal way to take some of the stress out of this often complicated aspect of planning.

This wedding reception seating chart template is extremely versatile and can be created for all sizes of weddings and various table styles. It is extremely easy to read because each table shows the layout as well as a list alongside the table with the names of the guests to be seated there. It helps relieve some of the anxiety that comes with wedding seating planning.

How to Use the Wedding Reception Seating Chart Template

  1. The first step to using this wedding reception seating chart template is to download it right from this site for free then open up Microsoft PowerPoint. It is quick to download and easy to use.
  2. Next, begin to fully customize the template by selecting either round or rectangular tables as well as the number of seats per table. Also, select the number of seats for the head table which can also be fully customized right on the same template.
  3. Third, begin by entering in the names of the guests and deciding where to seat them. This is much easier than pencil and paper since guests can be quickly shuffled around as needed to create the ideal seating chart for the big day.
  4. Finally, when seating arrangements have been decided, print out the template and keep a copy for yourself then provide a copy for your venue as well.

Tips for Using the Wedding Reception Seating Chart Template

  • Consider the guests needs when seating them places. For instance, a family with small children might be best placed near the bathrooms while an elderly couple should not be too close to the DJ so they can hear the other guests.
  • Try to seat people with some guests that they know as well as some that they do not know in order to encourage guests to mingle.
  • One of the most important things to remember when creating a wedding reception seating chart is that it will be hard to please everyone. Remember to focus on what the couple wants and accept that things may not be perfect.

Download: Wedding Reception Seating Chart