Wedding Reception Music Playlist


Screenshot of the Wedding Reception Music Playlist

That day is approaching and all the fine, little details are finished except one thing, a wedding reception music playlist. Using this template is free, easy to customize in Excel, and can keep your wedding reception music playlist in order so that no duplicate songs are played later on in the evening.

Creating Harmony with the Wedding Reception Music Playlist

Finding the perfect songs for that day can be stressful. You want it to be perfect, memorable, and not repetitive. Sitting down with your soon to be spouse and brainstorming over what songs you want played and in what order can ease the tension.

The wedding reception music playlist is easy to use and understand. It has a place for the album name, song length, possible use and song title. This can help the DJ at your wedding reception to play the songs in the order in which you picked out.

With the column for album name, it helps locate the album in which the song is located for the DJ to play. Knowing this one tidbit of information can allow for music to flow without long pauses in between. No one wants to remember the reception with ten minute spaces of silence while music is being found. So this template helps keep all parties involved on track and that magic day ending flawlessly.

Deciding the order of the songs can be tricky. But with this wedding reception music playlist template you can line up the whole playlist from start to finish on how you envision your magical day. From the first dance with your significant other on your wedding day to the ending song of your reception night, the completion of a music playlist will make that special night a success.

Different genres of music can be added and even allotted time for special music request can be worked in. It all depends on personal taste, the length of time the reception goes on, how long your DJ will be working at the event. Think of the people attending your wedding. Will the dance floor be used mainly by a younger crowd or a mixture of both young and older adults? Try grouping songs together based on mood or flow of each song. Also, realistically think of actual songs you can dance too. No need in getting out there and embarrassing yourself by not knowing how to bust that move.

Download: Wedding Reception Music Playlist