Wedding Program Template


The costs of weddings are on the rise and there has to be real planning to make the special day wonderful without 36-month financing. The average moderate wedding can cost upwards $10,000.00 without the cake and the honeymoon. It might be to one’s advantage to implement some personal creativity and cut corners in areas that will be really easy to do yourself. Wedding invitations and a tastefully beautiful wedding program are essential, but both can be done in a way that is special, creative, and unique. A wedding program template takes the guesswork out of having beautiful and personalized wedding programs and eliminates the exorbitant cost. There can be a savings of even hundreds of dollars with a simple wedding program template.

DIY Wedding Tip: Use A Wedding Program Template

In the age of Internet, there are websites that have wedding program templates available for download and immediate use. The basics are there for the DIY bride; wording and placement for the wedding program template are in place. It is then a matter of “point and click” and the sky is the limit as to how to create the personalized and unique wedding program that you want. The options for them are as vast as photos, papers, themes, and colors will carry you. Great things about using template include:

  1. They are instantly downloadable.
  2. They are virus free.
  3. Can be printed using a home printer.

The imagination level can be through the roof to create a one of a kind wedding program. For any wedding program template, it can be matched to invitations by color, theme, and placement of special photos and decorations. Even “Bridezilla” can get her wish doing this.

The template here offers a variety of fonts, word placement, presentation options and a broad offering of clip art, quotes, and stock photos that can be used if the basics are wanted. For the true DIY bride, they can be used to create the unusual and memorable wedding program. Uploading special theme photos make the difference between a great wedding program and a WOW wedding program.

Download: Wedding Program Template