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Wedding Photo Album screenshot

In hindsight, most people will agree that one of the most memorable days of their life happened to also be their wedding day. There are few things more beautiful than two people being united by love and celebrating it with their friends and family. Most people preserve their wedding day in the form of pictures so that they can easily reminisce over that special day with friends and family who perhaps could not attend the real event. Before, it may have been more typical to share wedding pictures in a tangible album, but today technology has become the preferred means of sharing. Especially with the popularity of digital cameras at its highest ever, your wedding photos are likely to be in digital form. With this elegantly designed Wedding Photo Album Template, you can share your pictures with friends and family with style, convenience, and efficiency.

How to Use the Wedding Photo Album Template

Using the Wedding Photo Album template is a very simple process. Simply have your wedding photo files available on your laptop, PC, or tablet, and upload them straight into the Wedding Photo Album template in the desired order. The Wedding Photo Album Template includes a selection of 17 slides, all with unique and opulent photo framing borders.

The Wedding Photo template comes in a formal black and white design that is sure to match the elegance of your own wedding. Each slide allows you to adjust the text so that you can name the album and create subtitles beneath each picture.

The template is compatible with PowerPoint 2013, and allows you to make a generous amount of adjustments to ensure that the look of the album matches how you envisioned it to look. After filling the album, adding the title and subtitles, and adjusting any other features which you may or may not want to change, simply save the PowerPoint project and share it through email, uploading it to online memory storage locations, a social networking site, or anywhere else you want to share your big day.

This wedding photo template is easy to use and completely free to acquire. Download it today, add your photos, and start sharing your beautiful wedding memories all within the convenience of your own home and a few clicks of your mouse.

Download: Wedding Photo Album Template