Wedding Invitation Tracker


A wedding is a beautiful time in a couple’s life, but it is also one of the most stressful. Every fine detail needs to be worked out as time draws near and wedding invites and returned RSVP cards can be hard to keep up with. This wedding invitation tracker template keeps the whole process simple; all the way down to the finest of wedding invite details.

Using this free wedding invitation tracker can take this one stressful item off the soon to be married couple’s list. The wedding invitation tracker is easy to use and can be easily customized and updated to fit the couple’s needs.

Using the Wedding Invitation Tracker

The wedding invitation tracker is a beautiful template with detailed columns so that you know exactly who is coming, whose been invited and who hasn’t returned the RSVP cards yet. You can enter in as many names as you want. There is also a place for their personal information such as their address and phone number. This gives both the bride and groom a quick overview on who is doing what and who can’t or who hasn’t received an invite yet.

With this easy to use wedding invitation tracker, the stress of that happy day is lessening. With each RSVP card that comes in, the updated information can be entered in and an accurate count for that special day can be kept. It is important to know the exact count of people attending the wedding ceremony and reception. This ensures that there is enough space for seating for the wedding and that enough food and seating is provided at this beautiful reception.

Not only does the wedding invitation tracker keep an accurate account of all people coming, but it also lets you know who you haven’t gotten an address on. This way you can notify those relatives or friends and get their information down and entered into the template. That way there are no delays in wedding invites going out and all bases are covered where the invitations are concerned.

Let’s face it, it’s hard keeping up with whose coming, who you have addresses on, the guest list, who is not staying for the reception and only staying for the ceremony. It can all be a headache. But this easy to use template takes all the fuss and headache away. It is detailed and it keeps the couple on the up and up as there special day approaches.

Download: Wedding Invitation Tracker