Wedding Invitation Template


Congratulations! If you’re looking for a wedding invitation template then you’re soon to experience the many wonders of the married life. Once you decide on the date, time, and location; your next step will be to send out wedding invitations to all of your friends and family members – especially those who said that you’d never get married!

The invitations will serve as a concrete reminder to your guests, so that those closest to you are sure to show up. If you’re working with a tight budget or prefer a unique and creative look; using a customizable wedding invitation template is your smartest choice.

How to use a Wedding Invitation Template

First, find and download a good wedding invitation template. You can download one directly from this page.

Next, you should fill out all of the customizable data fields and be sure to save the file. Some data you should include is: Who’s getting married, the location of the ceremony and reception, and a contact phone number that guests can call to RSVP.

Then, just save, print and mail off the invitations to your guests. It really is that easy! Using a customizable template takes away the stress that comes along with creating invitations from scratch, and allows you more time to worry about the important things, like whether or not you should have an open bar at the reception or how you plan on breaking the news to your sister that she’s not going to be your maid-of-honor.

Tips for Using and Customizing a Wedding Invitation Template

First, customize everything, because customization really is the key to any good invitation. Sure, you could spend tons of money at a print screening company and probably end up with a nice looking invitation, but doing so means that your guests will be receiving the same wedding invitation they get time and time again. Using a free — downloadable wedding invitation template — provides you with the opportunity to customize your invitations any way you like.

Because it’s free, you can now use the money you just saved to help pay for that fancy honeymoon that you always dreamed of! Hint – You can even add things like a logo or special slogan to your invitations. You may even want to send a few “special” invitations out to your closest friends and family.

Next, keep a file saved on your computer of each unique invitation that you mail out. This will allow you to retrieve the file once guests start calling to RSVP. Additionally, you can maintain a digital copy of all who attended.

Finally, reprint the modified invitations to serve as a backup in case of computer failure. This can also double as a scrap-book-collection of memorabilia, to help you remember this special day for years to come. Now you can always remember who was there to experience this wonderful day with you.

Download: Wedding Invitation Template