Wedding Checklist Template


Screenshot of the Wedding Checklist Template

Weddings are very expensive events. It’s often hard to budget because you find so many beautiful items you’d like to have during your search process. Weddings are about what the bride and groom want. There is a lot of compromising that goes on between the two. One of the more expensive items for a wedding comes before the planning starts, the engagement ring. If it hasn’t been paid off it’s still a wedding expense. Once the proposal to be engaged has been accepted it’s time to pull out the Wedding Checklist Template.

You don’t want your wedding to look cheap. So that’s why it’s important to plan ahead. Downloading this free and easy Wedding Checklist Template is your start to showing you are responsible and want a budgeted wedding. You don’t need to worry either as this template is customizable so you can add in any additional expenses.

How to Use the Wedding Checklist Template

  • Once you have the checklist downloaded it’s ready for your use.
  • There are three categories to review: Apparel, Decorations, and Gifts.
  • Each category and items has an estimated and actual column.
  • You will start by inputting your best guess as to how much each item will cost.
  • Once you have completed all fields, the Total Estimated Expenses will update towards the middle of your spreadsheet.
  • Now you are able to play around with the numbers to see how you can make your budget adjustments.
  • As you purchase items be cautious of your budget.
  • While you are out viewing other items you may come across one of your items and need to make estimated price changes. This is good because it will help you make realistic decisions.
  • Update your actual cost sections as you purchase your items.

Tips for Using the Wedding Checklist Template

  • If you’ve made the decision to have an engagement party, you can use this same Wedding Checklist Template. Just change the name from “Wedding Budget” to “Engagement Party Budget”. This is customizable so you can change any field.
  • The picture in the upper right corner can be changed to any photo that you choose.

Make sure your wedding expenses are properly planned out with the Wedding Checklist Template.

Download: Wedding Checklist Template