Website Budgeting Template


Free Website Budgeting Template

Budget planning is an essential part of any business, and thanks to the age of information, this includes budget planning for digital strategies as well. Using a website budgeting template will help you accurately calculate the costs of your website in order for you to maximize your return on investment.

Using A Website Budgeting Template

This is a great template to use because you can use it to separate your website’s budget from your total budget. This template is simple to use and provides a clear format that allows you to easily enter and access data at any time. Just one simple click on the download link at the bottom of this page and you’ll have this free website budgeting template in seconds.

Website Budgeting Template Tips

The first section to fill out is your initial investment in your website. This includes hardware costs (servers), software costs and any website development costs. This will give you the number that you start with when adding and subtracting your sots and benefits.

The next section to fill out is the benefits from website section. The direct sales comes from the sales made directly from the website. The next two boxes regarding incremental sales come from the improvement of sales that occurred after the launch of the site. The next three boxes measure reduced travel costs, reduced customer service costs, and reduced printing and shipping costs. These boxes measure how much money your site is saving you when it comes to cost of operation. This section offers the most room for customization since the actual areas where costs are reduced as a result of the website vary from company to company.

The next section is the costs section. This has cost of sales, maintenance, customer support, and administrative costs. It also has web specific costs such as online advertising, as well as domain and hosting costs.

In review, the three sections of the standard website budgeting template are: The initial investment in your website, the costs of running your website, and the benefits that your website has for your company. If you are interested in using a website budgeting template, simply click the download button and get your free copy today.

Download: Website Budgeting Template