Website Budget Tool


How would you like to possess a valuable website budget tool for your online business that is innovative, accurate, and, best of all, free?

What if you were to discover that there is a website budget tool out there that is customizable, useful for just about any type of website and even allows you to project estimated costs and revenues allowing you to predict more accurately the outcome of various budgeting strategies?

Welcome to the website budget tool that will quickly and effectively erase your budgeting uncertainties from this point forward. It can be accessed here, it downloads cleanly and quickly, and it is yours to keep, free of charge.

This beautiful and functional template has anticipated your every budgetary concern, assigned it a niche in the budget framework, and tied it neatly to other key elements. All you have to do is visually scan the template for the category that best describes the pertinent element, enter that element’s value in the appropriate box and you are done.

Here’s How the Website Budget Tool Works

Let’s say that it costs you $150 a year for web hosting. Simply scroll down to line number 40: ‘Hosting, domain-name registration’, key in the value and hit enter. The entire template is up-dated with all values adjusted to reflect the new data.

What if you want to see how much you would likely save if you upgraded to a web hosting package that included online advertising, thereby cutting your advertising costs by one half? You would simply change the value in line 40 to reflect the cost of the new package, then you would scroll up to line 38: ‘Online Advertising, search engine registration’ and proceed to reduce that existing value by one half, hit enter and you are done!

What Are You Waiting For?

A website budget tool that is cost free, easy to use, responds quickly and efficiently to your changing needs, and allows you to introduce hypothetical data in order to evaluate various possible outcomes? What’s not to love?

Download your free website budget tool today!

Download: Website Budget Tool