Web Service Invoice Template

Web Service Invoice Template

Service Invoice Template

If you own a small business or work as a freelancer, it may not be worth it to pay for another company to issue and track invoices. Our simple Web Service Invoice Template is designed for the person who isn’t looking for big business to handle their affairs and instead just wants easy usage.

How to use the Web Service Invoice Template

Download the Web Service Invoice Template and open it up in Excel. The template is pre-populated, so the first step is to change the top gray portion to your business’s information. From here, everything will be changed to fit the individual customer.

Start by updating the upper right red box to display the correct dates and invoice number. Below, in the light gray portion, you’ll enter the customer’s information and the reason for the invoice.

Moving below the red line, you’ll update the dates of work, what the work was, and all of the costs and hours included. As you update this, you’ll see that automatically the “Total”, “Invoice Subtotal” and “Deposit Amount” sections will adjust for the new data entered.

There’s still a small portion on this page you don’t want to forget. In the left bottom part of the page, update who the checks are made payable to, along with the <#> fillers to establish overdue times and fees. Once you’ve finished that, move down to the Excel tab at the bottom and select “Customers”

This page is available to keep track of all your customer data and their contact information. If you like, you can add one more column that has their invoice number(s) or status on payment.

Tips on using the Web Service Invoice Template

  • Always keep a printed copy of the invoice for yourself, along with a backup of all invoices on a separate computer drive. A lost invoice can mean a lost paycheck or a lost costumer.
  • If an invoice needs to be updated because of additional work, still keep the original available in printed and digital form. This will help you track invoice additions or discounts if they become numerous.
  • Give a printed and emailed copy of the invoice to your customer so they have the same files too.
  • Keep one version of the template blank except for the parts that never change (the dark gray portion, etc). This way, when you create an invoice you won’t accidentally have a pre-populated piece of information in there.

Download the free Web Service Invoice Template today and start tracking your business.

Download: Web Service Invoice Template