Warehouse Inventory


Free Warehouse Inventory

Taking warehouse inventory isn’t an easy thing to do. It requires a lot of work and a lot of time, which takes away from the other requires tasks it takes to keep a warehouse running properly. The alternative though is paying someone else to come in to take inventory, or purchasing an expensive software program that will cost a great deal more than it saves. Or there’s the third option, which is using our free warehouse inventory Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template to make sure inventory gets taken right the first time, and recorded properly.

How the Warehouse Inventory Template Works

The template is actually fairly simple and straightforward; all someone needs is a computer that supports Microsoft Excel. Simply download the template from the link we provide, and once it’s saved to the device in question open it up. Click “Save As” and give the template a memorable, descriptive name like “September 23 Warehouse Inventory”. Once the sheet has been fully created all that’s left to do is fill it in.

The Benefits of Using This Warehouse Inventory Template

The main benefit of using this template is that all the heavy lifting is already done. There are formulas already input to add up the inventory you put in, so all that’s required are the raw numbers; the sheet does the rest of the work for you.

In addition to making the math simpler, this template is also a free tool to make inventory that much simpler. All someone has to do is download the template, and that’s that. Even if the template gets corrupted, lost, overwritten, deleted, or destroyed in some other way clients can come back time and time again with no issue.

Easy to use and requiring no special software to use (since practically every computer on the market supports Microsoft Excel), this template can take a cumbersome job and help get it done faster and easier than it could be done otherwise. Especially when one considers this template can be put onto smartphones, tablet computers, and other mobile devices that can be carried while taking warehouse inventory.

Download: Warehouse Inventory