Volunteer Sign Up Sheet


Screenshot of the volunteer sign up sheet

If you are having a community event, a banquet, a concert or any other kind of event requiring volunteers, then you may want to consider using this template from Microsoft for a volunteer sign up sheet. This template provides a space for the volunteer’s name, phone number, email, area of expertise/interest, and days/times available making it easy to organize detailed information about them.

Using the Volunteer Sign Up Sheet

This template is available for free on this page, so all you need to do is download and save it. If you like some components of the volunteer template but not all of them, you can customize it in Word or Excel, which will allow you to add more columns and rows with information more specific to your needs.

Word or Excel will also allow you to add your organization’s letterhead, address information, phone number, email, etc. If you want to keep track of the total number of hours your volunteers work, Word and Excel can help with that as well.

A volunteer sign up sheet can also be used to mail gifts of appreciation or thank you cards. Even if you do not have an event planned but you are in the brainstorming stage, this volunteer sign up sheet is a good place to start.

Using a template such as this one allows you to refer back to it should you need volunteers for future projects and community events. Volunteer sign up sheets are great for directors, community coordinators, and team leads.

There thousands of different templates for volunteer sign up sheets, but the one by Microsoft is one of the more simple ones. After you have downloaded the sign up sheet, it may be helpful to save the template somewhere else such as an external drive in case something happens to your computer that causes you to lose important files.

You could also email the template to your email address or someone else in case you lose the file on your hard drive. Printing a copy and filing it as a draft is also helpful in case the first two back ups are not retrievable.

Download: Volunteer Sign Up Sheet