Visio Network Diagram


Let’s face it: computer networks can get complicated. The number of machines, printers and servers involved can quickly make a network complicated. So what is the best way to plan or diagram your network? A Visio Network Diagram template can be a great way to start.

Using the Visio Network Diagram template available for download on this page to make a diagram of your network is quick and easy, and it can save you from hours of confusion down the road. In addition to planning, Visio Network Diagrams are also useful tools for IT reference, office education, and a number of home uses. This particular template is easily customizable, so there’s no need to put in extra time learning Visio in order to make a clean, presentable diagram.

How to Use the Visio Network Diagram Template:

  • First, open the downloaded template and enter your network information in the appropriate places. Note that the template includes options for firewalls, clouds, and a number of other potential members of a network.
  • Second, use the diagram to help plan any setup or changes that may be needed. Because this diagram is so easily customized, it can be very useful in moving machines around, renaming machines or servers, and connecting new members to the network.
  • Lastly, print it out or save it to a universal drive or on your company’s Wiki. You now have a functioning network diagram that’s simple and easy to understand.

Tips for Using the Visio Network Diagram Template

  • Before you begin, develop an idea of how your network is set up. Whether you’re in the planning stages or you’ve already got a functioning network, know where all the members of your network should be.
  • Keep the diagram as simple as possible.
  • Know your audience. Who are you making this diagram for? Are you using it for planning purposes? As a reference for your IT guys? As education for the people in the office so they’ll know which printer to print to? Tailor the details of the diagram to the people who’ll be using it most.

The Visio Network Diagram template found on this page is one tool that can make the confusing world of networking far more painless and straightforward. Take advantage of its ease of use to help make your network the very best that it can be.

Download: Visio Network Diagram