Vehicle Mileage Tracker


Leasing a new motor vehicle can be extremely convenient for millions of Americans. Leasing is an easy access process to which people can obtain a new car or exchange their old one in return for a more updated model. Leasing is great for people who aren’t looking to immediately buy a new car, or who are working towards that goal. While leasing is a good option for many prospective buyers, it’s necessary to understand that leasing a car required certain rules and regulations that can often be misunderstood or difficult to remember and follow. With the Vehicle Mileage Tracker, people leasing cars can stay on track of their leasing guidelines without the hassle of massive paperwork or mental calculations. The Vehicle Mileage Tracker is so useful, all people leasing their cars should not only have this device, but will be thrilled to have such an efficient system keeping track so they don’t have to.

The Vehicle Mileage Tracker is easy for PC level users to use, because it’s designed to help all drivers maintain their monthly mileage average. By using the link provided on this page, users can access the Vehicle Mileage Tracker for free. What’s more, the tracker is super easy to customize and is ready to be used within seconds after the downloading process.

The Vehicle Mileage Tracker Requirements

Users are required to have access to Microsoft Excel 2007 or later in order to successfully download this tracker.

The Vehicle Mileage Tracker opens using an Excel spreadsheet that holds various categories that are necessary for leasing. In order to add more information, users can simply drag or expand a given column or box by clicking on the box spaces.

  • Users begin by placing in the amount total amount of miles allowed per month, miles used, and miles allowed per year in the top boxes.
  • Follow by inserting the length, start, and end date of the lease agreement.
  • Underneath the box headings in the body, users plug in how many miles were used per outing. This helps the Excel system calculate how many miles are left over, exceeded the limit, and the new monthly total.
  • Users can customize the template to keep track of several leased cars.
  • Users can then have accurate mileage numbers of how many spare monthly leasing miles to roll over in efforts to stay within their guidelines.

Download: Vehicle Mileage Tracker