Vehicle Maintenance Checklist


Vehicle Maintenance Checklist Free

Conduction regular maintenance is one of the most importance aspects of owning or leasing a vehicle. Failing to perform routine and inexpensive tasks can lead to major expenses and repair down the road. One way to stay on top of routine tasks is to you the vehicle maintenance checklist.

The Microsoft vehicle log checklist is a formatted template that helps you keep track of all the things necessary to help your car run smoothly and efficiently. The vehicle maintenance checklist can help you save money in a number of ways. It saves you money right off the bat because you can download the vehicle maintenance checklist for free by clicking the link on this page.

How to Use the Microsoft Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

The vehicle maintenance checklist comes in the form of a Microsoft Excel template. The first step in filling out the checklist is to add the number of miles on the vehicle underneath the “Odometer Start” cell in the top right-hand corner.

Next, put in the date, gallons of gas, cost of gas and new odometer reading in the corresponding cells in the “Gas Log.” The next step in filling out the vehicle maintenance checklist is to add the date, amount, check number and any special remarks in the loan payments section.

The final section of the template is reserved for the maintenance log. Here is where you will place the date service was performed, what type of service was performed, how much it costs, how many miles are on the odometer and any special notes or remarks with the corresponding service.

You can make taking care of your car a breeze with the vehicle maintenance checklist from Microsoft. Download the vehicle maintenance checklist for free by clicking the link available on this page today!

Download: Vehicle Maintenance Checklist