Vacation Travel Checklist


Free Vacation Travel Checklist

Getting away from the office for a vacation is beyond necessary from time to time. Getting the chance to recharge your batteries is something everyone needs. However, there’s a lot of work that goes into planning a vacation. You can make trip planning much easier with the vacation travel checklist.

The vacation travel checklist is an easy-to-use and understand template created by Microsoft. The travel checklist is also a cost-friendly tool. You can download and print the vacation travel checklist for free by clicking on the link located on this page.

How to Use the Microsoft Vacation Travel Checklist Template

The vacation travel checklist comes in the form of a Microsoft Excel document. The template comes formatted with everything one will need to cover before venturing out on vacation. It also includes dozens of helping packing tips.

There are dozens upon dozens of items listed for you to pack on the vacation travel checklist. In all likelihood, you won’t need to pack every single item on the list. If you find an item on the checklist that you do not need, you can simply delete it. Conversely, if you discover there’s something you need that isn’t on the list, you can add it quickly and easily.

All items on the checklist are broken down into categories, such as documents, medical items, electronics, items for him, items for her, home items and miscellaneous. The items are grouped on the vacation travel checklist template with their corresponding category. You can sort all the items by category or by whether the task has been completed or not. You can also sort items alphabetically.

Before hitting the road for your next getaway, get things off on the right foot with the Microsoft vacation travel checklist. Download the vacation travel checklist for free today!

Download: Vacation Travel Checklist