Vacation Tracking Template


Photo of the Vacation Tracking Template

For small businesses, one of the most exciting things for management is to be able to offer its employees and contractors set vacations days during the year. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to predict which days that an employee will choose in addition to the National Holidays that the company observes. Using a Vacation Tracking Template for Microsoft Excel will allow you to have paper and digital vacation records of every employee and contractor that you work for. Downloadable from this page, the vacation tracking template is easily customized and distributed to your workers!

How to Use the Vacation Tracking Template Excel Spreadsheet

  • First, ensure that you have input the national holidays and the company holidays in the appropriate spaces using the appropriate colors all the way through the year. You could rely on employees to do so, but it would take each one of them quite some time. So perhaps it is better to create it once and then save the template.
  • Ensure that you have put your company information in such as your company name and your address, as well as something that allows the employee to identify themselves uniquely, such as their employee ID.
  • After you have saved your changes, you can distribute the template to new employees by e-mailing it to them or pointing it out to them on the company network or cloud server.

Tips for Using the Vacation Tracking Template Excel Spreadsheet

  • You may want to turn the form into entire process by having the employee use it as a request form. At first they could view a master template copy that was online on the company network or cloud server. They would be able to see which days other people had requested and likely know what days were available. They could then put their requested days in and submit the template to you. Their boss or yourself could then approve the specific days they can have by either changing the color of the days that are okay or indicating it by initialing it and sending it back to them.
  • Consider connecting the date functionality to any online accounting package that you are using with your company.
  • Add a way to approve sick and personal days by use of initials next to the day on the vacation tracking template.

Download: Vacation Tracking Template