Ultimate Weight Tracker

Ultimate Weight Tracker

The Ultimate Weight Tracker template is a fast and easy to use template sheet design to help you lose weight; the structure of this template is smooth and makes transitioning from entering your data to actually working out easier on you. This template will save you time and provide you with helpful feedback to analyze and improve your overall workout schedule/progress. As you track your body weight over the next few months, the template will give up a graph of your progress, constant calculations for your body mass index (BMI) and even increases/decreases in size for individual body parts. This template is truly the way to go if you want to start getting back into shape this year.

How to Use the Ultimate Weight Tracker

Start by clicking the link below to download the free Weight Tracker file to your computer.

The next step is to go to the “Data Entry” tab at the bottom of your screen. Enter your name and current height at the top of the page. When you’re finished entering the information at the top of the page, you can scroll down to the main table at the center of the page.

You can see that there is a row of categories at the very top of this table. Simply enter the item that is listed for that column. For example, on the first day of exercising, you will enter the date, your weight, as well as the size of your chest, waist, hips, wrists, and forearms.

The Weight Tracker will calculate a healthy size and weight for these items according to your height using the Body Mass Index and show you this information in the “Estimated” section of the table to the right. This will help you visualize your goal.

Now, go back to the “Dashboard” page of the document to view helpful graphs that display your progress. At the top of this page are two simple line graphs that show your weight loss over time as well as your individual section increases and decreases.

The next graph will display your estimated lean body weight based on the amount of weight you’ve lost over a certain period and the final graph simply reveals your body fat, weight, and BMI figures altogether.

You can accomplish any health goal using this simple Weight Tracker.

Download: Ultimate Weight Tracker

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