Travel Plan Template


Do you ever feel frustrated that you can’t find the information for your trip when you need it? If this describes you on regular basis, a travel plan template can help take the frustration out of traveling for you. Having a travel plan helps to gather all the important information into one place so that a busy traveler can get on with traveling instead of scrambling for misplaced documentation.

How to Use the Travel Plan Template

  • First, gather the details you intend to compile into the travel plan template for yourself and others who will be traveling with you on a regular basis. Save the file at this point to create a reference for yourself for this trip as well as future ones. Remember to include details such as medical conditions and appropriate medication and where to find documentation for the medical details.
  • Second, gather the details for the trip itself. Remember to list the details for transportation methods you will use and the locations where you intend to stay. These details include flight numbers and hotel reservations.
  • Third, save the file with all your trip details and your personal information. Then, print the template twice. Leave one with those who need to easily reach you such as your spouse or the babysitter for your kids. Take the other to help keep the traveler on the move.

Tips for Using the Travel Plan Template

  • First, this template is designed for business travel. However, gathering the details of a trip is a good idea for any purpose.
  • Second, this template could also be transformed to gather the details necessary for those who stay home as well. It could be particular helpful for the caregivers of the elderly and young, particularly gathering of information on themselves to help the caregivers take care of them.
  • Third, remember to also take the documentation of the hotel, flight and car details. The template is designed as quick reference. The front desk personnel will still require more information than what is on the template.

Not being able to quickly reference your travel information can cause derailed travel plans in a hurry. Using the free, downloadable travel plan template can reduce time wasted looking for travel information and allow you to spend more time enjoying your trip.

Download: Travel Plan Template