Travel Brochure Template


screenshot of the Travel Brochure Template

A common dream is to travel the world. Such dreams are wonderful news for travel agents. Convincing dreamers to become travelers with a particular agency is another matter. Travel agents often need the assistance of a brochure to convince the dreamers to become travelers. The use of the travel brochure template can become a powerful tool for a travel agency to aid in the transformation.

How to Use the Travel Brochure Template

  • First, customize the free travel brochure template with the agency specific details such as company name, company logo, contact information and business hours. Remember to save the basic details file. This basic customized template will serve as a starting point for all of the company advertising.
  • Next, start to add destination information to the basic company file. Be sure to include items such as price of a package, length of trip and dates of travel. This second level becomes the travel agency brochure for the whole line of options to the destination available.
  • Third, easily import images and descriptions of the destination advertised. In this step, personalize the brochure with an appropriate slogan.

Tips for Using the Travel Brochure Template

  • First, use the basic company travel brochure template to create a brochure for all of the trips and tours available with the agency.
  • Second, keep an eye on volume and flow of brochures tied to certain locales. Knowing how much interest there is in the packages offered can be used as a guide for future business planning. A brochure for a package that many dream travelers pick up would be an incentive to schedule more and larger trips to the destination.
  • Third, be sure to keep dates and pricing up to date. This tip can readily be implemented with the backup files of the completed brochures.

Taking dreams and making them into realities is the job of every travel agent. The visual start of the transformation from dreamer to traveler is a well-made travel brochure from a travel agent. The use of the travel brochure template for Word allows quick and easy construction of that brochure.

Download: Travel Brochure Template