Tournament Bracket Template


Free Tournament Bracket Template

Everyone loves to stage or follow sports tournaments. Now with the tournament bracket template for Excel, you can do so and make it look very professional without having to be a graphic designer. The tournament bracket template can be used to run tournaments in schools, at work, or on the playing field. It can also be used to setup an office pool set of results that follows an existing tournament. Downloadable for free from this page, the template can be easily customized.

How to Use the Tournament Bracket Template Excel Spreadsheet

  • Open the tournament bracket template and enter the teams or individual’s names that will be participating in the tournament.
  • When all names have been entered, add the tournament name at the center top and any information, like the dates, that will be helpful.
  • Add your company or organization information and then print the template out or save it and e-mail it.

Tips for Using the Tournament Bracket Template Excel Spreadsheet

  • The most common way to update the brackets is to open the template again after the first round of the tournament has been completed or as results come in. When you add in all of the second round teams, you might use a consistent method of relaying the score of the previous match so that people can see the results of the competition as well as who advanced. So if it is a basketball tournament and team A beat team B by a score of 77-68, then it is helpful to enter that while remembering to use the same style or format with every game.
  • If you have more than one tournament to run or more than one bracket, instead of making several files with one bracket apiece, it might be easier if you copied the worksheet to a new worksheet in the same spreadsheet file. You can then have all of your brackets located in one file and you can easily access the one that you need by clicking on the right tab.
  • The tournament template can be used for any type of competition. It lends itself well to school tournaments where students compete against each other to find out who can do the best in spelling, math, or language.

Download: Tournament Bracket Template