Timesheet Excel Template


Screenshot of the Timesheet Excel Template

Starting a business is not an easy task. There is a lot of planning and a need to predict the future growth and direction of a company. Most successful businesses need to hire employees to help care for the needs of the company. Finding a system to account for the hours employees work is essential to managing a successful business. The Timesheet Excel Template was created to keep your business going in the right direction, by making it easy to track the hours your employees work, as well as projecting professionalism with its clean, simple design.

How to Use the Timesheet Excel Template

Your business needs to be professional and efficient at the same time to continue to grow. The Timesheet Excel Template helps companies meet those goals. There are several features that make this a must have for your business.

  • The timesheet template is available here for immediate download.
  • Using Excel the template is customizable to meet your companies specific needs. It is easy to customize for your specific company needs.
  • Every employee can use the timesheet to log their daily hours worked with a meal break included. It is easy to use and simply designed, yet covers everything a timesheet must have.

Why Use the Timesheet Excel Template?

The Timesheet Excel Template can make your business more accountable to your employees and maintain a high professionalism.

  • Records must be kept for payroll. It creates confidence if those records look professional. Employees feel confident when their employer keeps accurate records.
  • Employees will be accountable for being punctual. When employees have to log the times they clock in and out of work they are more aware of their arrival times.
  • This template is a great way for self-employed and contracted professionals to track the time they put into a project.

Now that you understand why using the Timesheet Excel Template is a practical decision for your company’s growth, you can get the template here. Customize the template with your company information to fit the goals of your specific business needs. Get started today tracking your employee’s time to ensure the best management of your company‚Äôs resources.

Download: Timesheet Excel Template