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Free Timesheet Calculator

The payroll department has one of the most important responsibilities in any business or company. Ensuring employees are correctly compensated for their efforts helps keep your company running like w well-oiled machine. Now, you can keep accurate records and stay on top of all your payroll responsibilities with the new Microsoft timesheet calculator.

The timesheet calculator from Microsoft is designed to make monitoring work hours easier than ever before. And what’s more, not only will the Microsoft timesheet calculator save you time, but it will also save you money as it’s available on this page for free.

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How to Use the Microsoft Timesheet Calculator

The timesheet calculator requires little more than basic computer knowledge and skills to begin using it right away. Once you’ve downloaded the timesheet calculator for free off this page, you’ll open it up in Microsoft Excel. It’s best to save a blank copy of the timesheet calculator so it’s available any time you need it or need to get one to fellow payroll employees.

The first step in using to the timesheet calculator is to add the basic information for each employee. Be sure to add the employee’s name and address, along with the manager’s name, phone number and email address. Next, denote the week of the pay period in the data field titled “week ending”.

The body of the timesheet calculator includes fields for all seven days in a potential work week. You will then calculate hours for the following fields:

  • Regular Hours
  • Overtime Hours
  • Sick Hours
  • Vacation Hours

You will add hours for each day of the work week until all fields have been completed. Once finished, the timesheet calculator will automatically tabulate the totals to give you the payable hours for the week. Next, add the pay rate for each employee. The timesheet calculator will then reveal how much an employee is owed based on the hours worked.

After all figures have been calculated, then timesheet calculator can actually be printed and signed by managers and employees and filed away.

Download: Timesheet Calculator