Times Table Sheet


Screenshot of the Times Table Sheet

How to Use a Times Table Sheet

Introducing a Times Table Sheet into your life can make your calculations go a lot smoother. Whether you’re using them for educational purposes or for work related calculations, this template is ideal. We have an excellent template you can download, it’s free and customizable.

Why You Should Get Your Times Table Sheet Right Here

Using a times table sheet is rather straight forward; when you want to multiply numbers you find those numbers on the sheet and find the corresponding number that connects the two. For Example: Seven times eleven or 7 x 11 has a corresponding number of 77. The Times Table Sheet is template available for free on this page. The template is customizable making it suitable for your personal purposes. The template is easy-to-use and downloadable right here. The times tables sheet is also a good way to memorize your multiplication tables. When you train your memory with exercises using this times tables sheet, it makes your life simpler when you don’t have refer to sheet all the time.

Tips for Using Times Table Sheet

  1. Find the number you’ll be using, e.g. 62.
  2. Find the second number you’ll want to multiply, e.g. 73.
  3. Put your finger or pointer on the top row for the number 6 and then find your corresponding number 7 in the vertical side row.
  4. Bring the pointers together to meet on the times table template and you’ll have your answer, 42.5.
  5. The lines will look like this; |_ where the points meet is where you’ll find your answer.

You can work with your times tables 1 – 12, or customize it and work with just one set. Example; 5 times tables( 5×1, 5×2, 5×3 ect.). Your student can test themselves on their times table knowledge as well. Need to multiply large numbers quickly (12 x 34) or double check calculations? Then create and customize this template for your specified needs.It’s easy-to-use and the times table sheet is customizable to fit your needs. Download it for free right now! Tell your colleges and friends too, they might need a template.

Download: Times Table Sheet