Time Sheet Template


Screenshot of the Time Sheet Template

Keeping track of your employees’ time at work is important. It’s the only way you can accurately pay them for the hard work that they have done for you throughout the pay period. Purchasing time tracking software is expensive and having a time clock installed is a hassle, especially if your people work on the computer all day. Instead of tallying up the week manually you can simply download a time sheet template to do the majority of the work for you is a great option.

Using a Time Sheet Template

A time sheet template is simple to use. It makes it the perfect choice for those companies that spend most of their time on the computer. Each employee can log in and enter their hours.

The best part is the time sheet template is available free for download on this page. It is simple to customize, so you can make it look any way you want. And you don’t have to have any special software to use it. All you need is Microsoft Word and you’re ready to go.

Using the template is really simple:

  • Download the template.
  • Open the template in Word
  • Items such as employee name, number, and company name are editable by simply typing in the appropriate information.
  • Pick the date from the drop down calendar for each of the working days.
  • Enter the time in and the time out.

You will have to manually enter the total hours for the day at the end of the row, giving you the total hours worked in a nice straight line for easy accounting.

Using a time sheet template is a great way to make sure you get an accurate accounting of time from your employees. If you have employees that work overtime they can put down how many of those working hours are overtime hours in the overtime column so that you don’t have to figure that up later in the week. By seeing how many overtime hours there are at a glance you can accurately pay your employees for their hard work.

Download: Time Sheet Template