Time Off Request Form


Screenshot of the Time Off Request Form

Everyone needs time away from work to handle personal things. Some are sick and at home, have family events to attend, have a death in the immediate family and children to take care of. There are also employees who want to spend time away with their family and take schedule vacations. As a manager you may sympathize with every request for time off but you still have a business to run. In order to fairly schedule your employees and schedule enough workers per shift, the Time Off Request Form can keep your organized. It also is a record to refer back to who was the first to request a day off or who approved it.

The Time Off Request Form is simple and easy to use. This free day off request form template is available to download for free here. It only takes a few customizations to make this form ready for your business use.

How to Use the Time Off Request Form

  • Start out by deleting the image “Your Logo Here”. Now insert your company’s image by selecting the menu item “Insert” and then “Picture”. Choose your image and upload. You may size this as you’d like.
  • Next, highlight [Company Name] and insert your company name.
  • Now you may edit any of the field’s under the Absence Information section. For example, your employees may need to submit this to a Team Leader or a Supervisor instead of a Manager.
  • Next, review the different types of absence requested and edit as needed.
  • Now skim over the blurb about submitting request for absences to verify the rule is applicable for your company. Update if there should be Manager or Supervisor Approval.

Tips for Using the Time Off Request Form

  • Some companies must receive a supervisor approval before a manager’s approval. In this case you may keep the same format and copy the manager approval section and paste above it. You can name this section as Supervisors Approval.
  • You can now email this form out so everyone will have access to it. They can fill in the necessary information and then print the form out. You can also save this form in a PDF version so others may not edit the fields and email it out as well.

The Time Off Request Form found here streamlines throughout each department the process of employees requesting to take off work.

Download: Time Off Request Form