Thanksgiving Place Cards


Free Thanksgiving Place Cards

Thanksgiving dinner is one of the few times out of the year during our busy lives that we can gather with all of our family and friends. Depending on the size of your event, seating arrangements could present an issue. Thanksgiving place cards can help eliminate confusion and add a touch of style and grace to your event. You can create these little gems with the Thanksgiving place cards template from Microsoft.

With the Thanksgiving place cards template, you can have beautiful place cards for your feast in mere minutes. You’ll have more money and time to prepare for your gathering because the Thanksgiving place cards template can be downloaded in seconds at no charge. Click on the link available on this page to get started with the Microsoft Thanksgiving place cards template today!

Using the Microsoft Thanksgiving Place Cards Template

The Thanksgiving place cards template comes in the form of a vivid Microsoft Word document. The place cards include a brilliant font, bold colors and beautiful clip art. As designed, they are the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving dinner. However, every single aspect of these unique place cards can be changed to better meet your needs!

After downloading and saving the Thanksgiving place cards template to your computer, open the document in Word. You will notice there are eight individual cards on a single sheet. Adding names of your guests to the cards could not be easier. Simply highlight the name, delete it and input the new name. Repeat this process for each of the place cards.

Once all the names of your guests have been added, print the document and cut each individual card.

Get your next Thanksgiving dinner off to the right start with the Thanksgiving place cards template. Download the Thanksgiving place cards template from Microsoft for free courtesy of!

Download: Thanksgiving Place Cards