Thanksgiving Invitations


Free Thanksgiving Invitations

This year, inviting family and friends over to share the thanksgiving spirit just got a whole lot easier. Avoid having to make tens of phone calls to each member, or choose the mundane social networking invite messaging. Making personal Thanksgiving Invitations doesn’t have to be difficult or take long hours. By using this Thanksgiving Invitations template, you can make everyone feel special and excited about coming together for the holidays.

Using the Thanksgiving Invitations Template

The Thanksgiving Invitations template is free to download from this page. Not only easy to use, this template can be customized with color, font, and design to meet your expectations as the perfect host(ess). To get started, the Thanksgiving Invitations template features two cards per page so that the printing process can be made easier. With festive bordering, the template is white with celebrating characters and an easy to read black font type. Follow the steps below to start the design process.

  • Each page holds two 4 x 6″ invitation cards to design and send.
  • With an automated message, the host(ess) can simply add his or her name, address, telephone number, location and time of the event at the bottom of each card.
  • To customize your own message, simply erase the template example and fill it in using special language for each unique guest member.
  • Changing font is easy. Simply click on the ‘Font’ tab and select a new choice. However, if not using the preferred default, a deep cursive font has a sophisticated touch.
  • To change color, highlight the border or font of your choice and change color setting.

What’s great about using this Thanksgiving Invitations template is that it is easy to print or email. For new PC users, simply save the template with an easy to read title, in the document’s folder. Open the preferred email address and attach the invitation to the email with the attach tab. Press send. To print, follow the same saving options as listed for emailing, but print as many copies as necessary.

By saving the template, you can always change the guest name while keeping the same Invitation designs intact without losing data. If you do not have Microsoft software, it is important to download the specific program necessary to open this particular template so that it can properly function. Once the invitation is designed, you can send out invitations in minutes.

Download: Thanksgiving Invitations