Thanksgiving Card Templates


Free Thanksgiving Card Templates

Many assume that sending cards is restricted to Christmas, birthdays and times of condolences, but what about for Thanksgiving? The holiday creates another opportunity to show those important to you just how much you care about them. That, in part, was why Microsoft created Thanksgiving card templates.

With the gift-giving season just around the corner, you have enough expenses to worry about. That’s why you can get Microsoft Thanksgiving card templates at no charge courtesy of Simply click on the link available on this page to begin using the Thanksgiving card templates right away!

Using Microsoft’s Thanksgiving Card Templates

Microsoft has a number of different Thanksgiving card templates available. The template featured on this page comes in the form of an elegant Word document. The card features stunning text and artwork that captures many of the wonderful aspects associated with Thanksgiving.

If there’s something you would like to add or if you feel there is something missing, you are free to make any necessary changes. The beauty of Thanksgiving card templates from Microsoft is that there are so many creative customizable options available to you that are both fast and easy.

After downloading the template, save the document to your computer. In the event you fail to save it, return to this page and download it again. There are no limits on the amount of times you can download, save or print the Thanksgiving card templates.

After opening the document, you will notice there are two cards on an individual sheet. The face of the card includes the text “Thanksgiving Greetings”, as well as clip art of apples, pumpkins and other festive images. The second half of the card is where you will input or write down your personalized message. It’s a good idea to handwrite the message after you print the card off. That way, you will avoid putting the important message on the wrong side of the card.

After the printing, simply fold the card in half and it’s ready to be sent!

Send season’s greetings and best wishes to those you care about most with Thanksgiving card templates from Microsoft. Get Microsoft’s Thanksgiving card templates for free from today!

Download: Thanksgiving Card Templates