Teacher Syllabus Template


Free Teacher Syllabus Template

A good class begins with a good syllabus introducing the students to the rules and requirements for a class. If you need help building one, here is a quick and easy teacher syllabus template for software that can open Microsoft Word 2013 files. Here is a quick guide on how to use the template and some tips on making it better.

How to Use the Teacher Syllabus Template

After you download and open the file, you are ready to start editing. The first thing you can add is the course name at the top in the space provided. Under that is a spot to put the semester and the year of the class in question. The first section of the document is where you will put information regarding yourself. You have places to put your name, e-mail address, as well as office location and hours. In the general information section, you can add whatever you like about your class and what students should expect. The section below that has an area to put what materials will be required to take the class, what optional materials may aid in the class, and required text that the class will use. After that is an area you can put the whole course schedule and include many details about what you will be doing throughout the year in each given class meeting.

Tips for Using the Teacher Syllabus Template

Try to add as much detail as you can into the sections of the teacher syllabus template to fully explain everything that will be going on. Make sure you put which edition the books are that the students need to pick up. Emphasize what you expect out of the students and what goals you have to accomplish along the way. This will be a quick reference for anyone who is taking your class to have any information they need about it so enter anything you thing they may need. You could also add a border or background color to make this document stand out. It will be harder for your students to lose it that way in a stack of paper. Print it out and use it to your hearts content.

This easy-to-use teacher syllabus template can make the process of drawing one up yourself a lot simpler. Simply download our file here and make it your own quickly. Make sure you get everything you need on it because your students will be using it all year.

Download: Teacher Syllabus Template