Teacher Resume Template


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Are you searching for a teaching job? Getting your papers together for a job application is tough, and with teaching jobs being so competitive nowadays, you want to be sure that your application is top-notch. That is why using the Teacher Resume Template is so useful. Our template will help you create a positive first impression and take the guesswork out of organizing and highlighting your education and experience.

How to Use the Teacher Resume Template

Writing a resume can be intimidating because there is so much history to include in a limited space. The template helps you know how much to include and what kind of information is relevant to future employers.

  • Download the template directly from our page. It’s free and easy to open using your Word 2003 or later program.
  • Easily customize the resume with your own information. Click on each section and type in your information. The format is done for you, so all you have to do is plug in your own facts and experiences.
  • The Teacher Resume Template is professionally designed to get future principals’ attention as well as guide you in what information to include.

Tips for Using the Teacher Resume Template

Your resume is your first presentation to your prospective employer. Because it is professionally designed, you know it will look good. The trick is to fill in the template in a way that shows you as highly qualified and desirable to a school district.

  • Notice the left hand margin excerpts. Including positive statements others have said about you in the margin highlights your unique qualifications. Choose statements from your letters of recommendation which best show the positive qualities schools need in their teaching staff.
  • Change headings to highlight special skills required by the position you are hoping to fill. For example, as a special education teacher you may find highlighting special training with specific disabilities or conditions will be more relevant than Computer Skills.
  • Use the template as a guide in listing and phrasing your story. Our sample highlights an applicant for a computer educator, but every subject area or grade level requires a specialized skill set. The Teacher Resume Template is a starting point. Use it to highlight your skills.

Download: Teacher Resume Template