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Free Teacher Checklist

Teachers check attendance, homework assignments, class work, conduct and a myriad of other things. To ease the process of tracking what has to be done and when it must be completed, educators can be assisted with the use of Teacher checklist. You can get the teacher checklist for free by clicking the link found on this page!

The Teacher Checklist Helps To Organize and Prioritize Classroom Duties

Available as a template on this page at no cost, the Teacher Checklist is a tool that provides a method of keeping track of all the responsibilities a teacher must meet, ranging from checking the class rolls every morning, to arranging parent-teacher conferences.

There are just a few steps to follow that will allow the checklist to be turned into your own unique and private time-management assistant.

The essential thing to do is to set up the fields that are required for your purposes, such as ordering books, completing bulletin boards, scheduling school holidays, setting dates for special projects and whatever else may be needed.

The Teacher Checklist allows you to identify the task, set a start date and completion date for projects and can keep you advised of the days remaining and then let you know if it is time to start the project, see that it is overdue, on hold, in progress or not yet started. You can then make any adjustments that are needed because of changes that take place during the school year.

It is, in effect, a year-long calendar that keeps you up to date. Spending a few minutes each day with the Teacher checklist will prove to be a very useful endeavor because you will always be reminded of what has to be done and can make changes as necessary.

A key component of the checklist is that is customizable. This means that the teacher is given a guide to fill in with the various tasks, and when the tasks are to be completed or repeated. The template can also be set up to identify what tasks have been completed, those that are pending and identify those that are past due.

This template is easy to use, works inside Microsoft Excel and can be downloaded from this page at no cost. The value and uses of the Teacher checklist will be very evident once it put into use.

Organization is important in any classroom. The checklist will help all teachers organize and update any task that may arise during the school year.

Download: Teacher Checklist